Minister's Statement of Expectations

Good regulatory practice

In July 2016, the Minister for Planning issued a Statement of Expectations for the Victorian Building Authority.The 2016–17 Statement sets out the Minister's expectations for VBA to reduce red tape and improve regulatory practices.

This is the first Statement issued to the Victorian Building Authority under the framework and it outlines key governance and performance objectives aimed at promoting greater efficiency and effectiveness. The Statement covers:

  • Performance improvements
  • Risk-based strategies
  • Demonstrating good regulatory practice
  • Continued implementation of VAGO recommendations
  • Improved business systems
  • Transparency and accountability

The VBA has prepared its official response to the Statement and will report against the initiatives in the 2016-17 Annual Report.

Please download the Minister's Statement of Expectations below:

Please download the VBA's  response to the Minister for Planning's Statement of Expectations below: