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The Building Appeals Board (BAB) is an independent statutory body established under the Building Act 1993.

The BAB is empowered to determine any matter relating to the Building Regulations 2006 (the Regulations), the Building Code of Australia 2006 and specified provisions of the Building Act 1993 (the Act).

The BAB hears appeals and disputes in relation to building control matters and can waive, modify or vary the provisions of particular regulations based upon the particular case. Furthermore, the BAB can determine that a particular design or element of a building complies with the Act and the Regulations.

The BAB provides services under three categories:

  • disputes about the applicability of the regulations, adjoining property work and inspections
  • reviews of refusal of building and occupancy permits, report and consent of building regulations and building notices and/or building orders
  • referrals and modifications on whether a design or element of the building complies with the Act or Regulations, or whether the provision of the regulations does not apply to a particular building.

A panel of building experts brings many years of experience to the process, which will save you unnecessary expenditure by avoiding the need for legal representation. BAB decisions are made quickly and cannot be appealed, except to the Supreme Court on matters of law.

Furthermore, the BAB has the ability to fast track appeal matters in accordance with s147 of the Act.

You can contact the BAB for more information on 1300 421 082 or

What BAB staff can and cannot do

BAB staff can provide:

  • information about BAB procedures and processes
  • general information about relevant legislation and BAB rules
  • BAB forms
  • an interpreter (the BAB should be given two weeks' notice to ensure an interpreter is available)
  • contact details for other organisations that may be able to assist.  

BAB staff cannot:

  • give legal advice
  • provide advice about bringing a case before the BAB
  • advise on the possible outcome of a matter
  • recommend a lawyer or agent to act on a person's behalf
  • provide advice about filling in BAB forms
  • tell a person what to say when they are before the BAB panel
  • arrange a meeting with BAB panel members before or after a hearing
  • guarantee an interpreter on the day of a hearing if not previously notified
  • explain why the BAB panel made a certain decision
  • provide confidential case information.

Public attendance at BAB hearings

BAB hearings are usually held on Thursday mornings and are open to the public. Observers are welcome provided they are not a witness in the matter being heard. On occasions, the BAB may decide it is in the public's interest to hear an appeal in private.

Case listings and times are confirmed on the day prior to hearings and any member of the public wishing to attend should contact the Registrar on 1300 421 082 for further information.

BAB Board Members

Gerard Coutts

Chair / Project Manager

Sarah McDonald

Deputy Chair / Planner

Ari Akritidis

Building Surveyor

Michael Almonte

Building Surveyor

Jonathan Barnett

Engineer (Fire Safety)

Eric Braslis


Ian Caldow

Engineer (Structural)

Rebecca Cameron


John Clampett

Building / Fire Safety Consultant

Elizabeth Coe

Engineer (Electrical)

Julian Crow

Quantity Surveyor

Phillip Davies


David Graham

Engineer (Fire Safety)

Ashley Hansen

Building Surveyor

Dang Ho

Engineer (Mechanical)

Patrick Irwin

Engineer (Structural)

Peter Jolly

Building Surveyor

Michael Kerr

Quantity Surveyor

Warren Knight

Building Surveyor

Allen Kong

Architect / Access

Stephen Lodge


Pene Martyn


Aileen McFadzean

Lawyer / Consumer Representative

Kirsty Miller


Leslie Schwarz


Bryan Thomas


Hank van Ravenstein

Building Surveyor

Brent Williams

Building Surveyor

Geoff Woolcock

Building Surveyor

Joe Zita

Building Surveyor