Building Practitioners Board

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The BPB is an independent statutory body established under the Building Act 1993. It oversees the quality and standard of professional services in the Victorian building industry. In doing so, it administers a registration system and monitors the conduct and ability of registered building practitioners.

BPB Registration

If you are involved in the building industry then you should be registered with the BPB.The Building Act 1993 requires most people who work in building to be registered as building practitioners with the BPB. The Building Regulations 2006 outline the various categories and classes of building practitioners. Registration is based upon the nature and extent of your qualifications and experience as set out in the Building Act 1993 and Building Regulations 2006.

Information on the categories and classes of building practitioners who require registration.

BPB Inquiries

A BPB Inquiry is a hearing into a registered building practitioners' conduct and/or ability to practice. These inquiries are held for building practitioners who are currently registered or were registered at the time of an alleged offence or misconduct.

The BPB may begin an inquiry into the conduct and/or ability to practice of registered building practitioners in the following ways:

  • On its own initiative

  • On the recommendation of a person appointed by the Board

  • On a referral from the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT), or an insurer

  • At the request of any other person

The BPB's power to hold an inquiry is discretionary. The BPB may decide not to hold an inquiry, or to proceed by way of an informal interview with a practitioner.

The disciplinary functions and powers of the BPB are set out in Part 11, Section 183 of the Building Act 1993.

The Board does not have powers to order payment of compensation to owners in any form. In general, if the Board has chosen to suspend a practitioner's registration, they will have considered the conduct involved to have been serious.

In the most serious cases, the Board may cancel the practitioner's registration, which means the practitioner cannot apply to be re-registered for at least five years. If a practitioner has been cancelled, the record of the cancellation decision will continue to appear on the Practitioner Disciplinary Register.

BPB Board Members

Dr Fiona Hanlon


Tony Abbruzzese

Nominated by the Housing Industry Association (HIA)

Maureen Capp

Appointed as a person who is able to represent the interests of users of the services of building practitioners.

David Cooke

Nominated by the Building Designers Association of Victoria (BDAV)

Graeme Geary

Nominated by the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (AIBS)

Alison Maynard

Appointed as a person who is able to represent the interests of users of the services of building practitioners.

David Sainsbury

Nominated by the Architects Registration Board of Victoria (ARBV)

Claude Salvatore

Nominated by the Master Builders Association of Victoria (MBAV)

Dr Weng Poh

Nominated by Engineers Australia