Building Regulations Advisory Committee

The Building Regulations Advisory Committee (BRAC) is a committee of building industry representatives that has two roles set out in the Building Act 1993. It provides advice to the Minister for Planning on draft building regulations and also accredits building products, construction methods and components or systems connected with building work.

Terms of Reference

What is the BRAC's role in providing regulatory advice?

The BRAC considers proposed amendments to the Building Code of Australia (BCA); proposed Australian Standards referenced in the BCA and Victorian building regulation amendments. The VBA also seeks the advice of the BRAC on technical, administrative and regulatory issues. This can include seeking responses to fire reports prepared by the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board and the Country Fire Authority, matters raised by other industry bodies and its members, as well as matters raised by other statutory bodies.

What is BRAC's role in product accreditation?

The BRAC assesses product accreditation applications against the performance requirements of the BCA. The product accreditation process relates to innovative solutions that are difficult to assess by individual building surveyors. Central assessment provides the opportunity for consistency and greater efficiency. The BRAC cannot consider applications for building products in circumstances where the product complies with the deemed-to-satisfy provisions of the BCA.

Building product accreditation

BRAC Committee Members

Yvonne von Hartel AM (Chair)

Commissioner, Victorian Building Authority

Gregory du Chateau

Nominated by the Property Council of Australia


Nominated by Australian Institute of Building Surveyors

Adam Dalrymple

Nominated by the Minister for Emergency Services


Nominated by Australian Institute of Building Surveyors

Stephen Greenwood

Nominated by the Housing Industry Association

Mark White

Nominated by the Minister of Finance

Joseph Genco

Nominated by Melbourne City Council

Richard Drew

Nominated by Engineers Australia

John Prendergast

Nominated by the Municipal Association of Victoria



Robert Seiffert

Consumer Advocate

Melanie Fasham

Nominated by the Master Builders Association

Benita Husband

Member with building industry experience, nominated by the Minister

Regina Bron

Nominated by the Australian Institute of Architects