Building Advice and Conciliation Victoria (BACV)

Free advice and conciliation on domestic building disputes is available from Building Advice and Conciliation Victoria (BACV) – a service jointly delivered by Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) and the VBA.

If you cannot resolve a building dispute, BACV can offer assistance.

Call BACV on 1300 55 75 59 between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday (except public holidays).

If there is evidence of defective building work, BACV may arrange a technical inspection by a registered building inspector to assist conciliation.

Make a BACV complaint or read more about Building disputes, defects and delays on the Consumer Affairs Victoria website.

If you would like to request for consent to terminate a building surveyor, please fill out this form.

BACV inspections

If Building Advice and Conciliation Victoria (BACV) are assisting you with a domestic building dispute, the VBA may be asked to conduct a technical inspection to help resolve the items in dispute.

A BACV inspection report may be undertaken if:

  • a domestic building contract was signed on or after 1 July 2002
  • the value of the domestic building work is more than $5,000
  • the BACV conciliator considers it appropriate to resolve the dispute.

Full details on BACV inspections are contained in Section 43F of the Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995.

Download a BACV Domestic Building Complaint Form