Terminating the appointment of a private Building Surveyor

Sometimes it becomes necessary to change building surveyors before a project is complete.

In most cases, you must obtain written consent from the VBA in order to terminate a private building surveyor's appointment.  This needs to happen before a new building surveyor can be appointed (under section 81 of the Building Act 1993).

Note: the VBA does not have the authority to terminate the appointment of a municipal building surveyor.

Applying for consent from the VBA:

The VBA will only consent to terminating the appointment of a private building surveyor if the reasons provided are in accordance with the Building Act 1993.

Simply disagreeing with the decision of a building surveyor is not sufficient grounds for termination. There must also be no indication of a dispute between the owner and the building surveyor.

Consent may be granted if:

  • the building surveyor is no longer registered
  • the building surveyor has retired or become insolvent
  • the owner intends to transfer the functions of the relevant building surveyor to a municipal building surveyor
  • the building surveyor has left the employment of the company that is providing the building surveying service
  • the original owner sold the property to a new owner before the commencement of building work at the property
  • the building surveyor is no longer capable of carrying out their functions (i.e. due to chronic illness
  • there is a legal action between the owner or agent and the building surveyor that may prevent the building surveyor from properly carrying out his or her functions under the Act
  • the building surveyor has passed away.

Complete the application form below:

Application to terminate the appointment of a private building surveyor

By mail:

Victorian Building Authority

By email:



  • To allow for the application to be processed within a reasonable time, remember to provide as much information at the time of submitting the application
  • The processing time for one appointment or building work is 42 days, others take longer
  • The owner or owner's agent or relevant building surveyor may complete the form
  • A builder cannot complete this form as the owner's agent
  • Inform both the outgoing and incoming building surveyor/s affected so they are aware of the situation
  • Provide a written advice from the outgoing relevant building surveyor, stating he/she is willing to transfer their function to another building surveyor
  • Provide written advice from the incoming relevant building surveyor stating he/she is willing to accept the transfer of function for this building work