Plumbing Regulations 2018

Plumbing Regulations 2018

2018 Plumbing & Gas Regulations Seminar Series

The Victorian Building Authority and Energy Safe Victoria invite plumbing practitioners, apprentices and industry stakeholders to attend the 2018 Plumbing & Gas Regulations Seminar Series.

Technical and regulatory experts from both agencies will speak on the upcoming changes being introduced in the Plumbing Regulations 2018 and Gas Safety (Gas Installation) Regulations 2018, as well as related matters that affect the broader plumbing industry.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to speak directly with the VBA and ESV about any issues of concern.

New sessions in Berwick, Chadstone, Croydon, Frankston, Geelong and Sunshine.

Due to strong demand for our 2018 Seminar Series, the VBA is running extra sessions in Berwick, Chadstone, Croydon, Frankston, Geelong and Sunshine.

Additional sessions in other locations are currently being organised. We will update the list below when these additional sessions are available.

Locations and Dates


Session 1: Tuesday, 30 October, 5:30 pm


Session 1: Wednesday, 31 October, 5:30 pm


Session 1: Thursday, 1 November, 5:30 pm


Session 1: Wednesday, 7 November, 5:30 pm

Swan Hill

Session 1: Thursday, 8 November, 5:30 pm


Session 1: Tuesday, 13 November, 5:30 pmSold out


Session 1: Wednesday, 14 November, 5:30 pm


Session 1: Thursday, 15 November, 5:30 pm


Session 1: Monday, 19 November, 5:30 pmSold out

Session 2: Wednesday, 21 November, 5:30 pmSold out

Session 3: Monday, 26 November, 5:30 pmNEW


Session 1: Tuesday, 20 November, 1:30 pmNEW

Session 2: Tuesday, 20 November, 5:30 pmSold out


Session 1: Thursday, 22 November, 5:30 pm


Session 1: Tuesday, 27 November, 1:30 pmNEW

Session 2: Tuesday, 27 November, 5:30 pmSold out


Session 1: Wednesday, 28 November, 1:30 pmNEW

Session 2: Wednesday, 28 November, 5:30 pmSold out


Session 1: Thursday, 29 November, 1:30 pmNEW

Session 2: Thursday, 29 November, 5:30 pmSold out


Session 1: Tuesday, 4 December, 1:30 pmNEW

Session 2: Tuesday, 4 December, 5:30 pm


Session 1: Wednesday, 5 December, 5:30 pm


Session 1: Thursday, 6 December, 5:30 pm

Victoria’s Plumbing Regulations are changing

On 18 November, the Plumbing Regulations 2018 will commence, replacing the Plumbing Regulations 2008.

The Victorian Building Authority has worked with industry and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning to produce the new Regulations, following comprehensive review and consultation.

The 2018 Regulations reflect the changing nature of the industry and are designed to ensure that plumbing work in Victoria is carried out competently and safely.

Key changes

  • New minimum experience requirement for licensing.
  • Confirmation that routine servicing of fire protection equipment is fire protection work.
  • New technical requirements for sanitary drains running below buildings, and backflow protection for water points adjacent to toilets.
  • Reclassification of Refrigerated Air-conditioning work and Type B Gasfitting work as main classes.
  • Transitional arrangements for those who service thermostatic mixing valves and single-head split systems.

The majority of the Plumbing Regulations 2018 will commence on 18 November, with some regulations commencing in late 2019.

More information

How do the new Plumbing Regulations affect me?

The new Regulations provide detailed requirements in relation to plumbing work, plumbing practitioners and the administration of plumbing work. They seek to:

  • define scopes of appropriate classes of plumbing work;
  • set qualification and experience eligibility requirements for registration and licensing;
  • set fees for registration and licensing, and the price of compliance certificates;
  • adopt the Plumbing Code of Australia into Victorian regulations; and
  • set additional work standards and requirements for specified classes of plumbing work.

The new Regulations affect all registered or licensed plumbing practitioners in Victoria, their apprentices, the industry sectors in which they work, and anyone in the community who intends to undertake plumbing work.

Learn more by downloading the Plumbing Regulations 2018 from the Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents website.

Regulatory review

Victoria’s Plumbing Regulations have a ten-year shelf life, after which they undergo a comprehensive review to ensure they remain fit for purpose and continue to meet their intended objectives.

Industry stakeholders and practitioners contributed valuable feedback throughout the review, by providing comment on the draft Regulations and associated Regulatory Impact Statement (see below).

Regulatory Impact Statement

The Victorian Government has released the Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) for the State’s proposed Plumbing Regulations 2018. The RIS is available on the Engage Victoria website.

To ensure Victoria continues to have effective plumbing regulations, the Victorian Government has undertaken a review of the Plumbing Regulations 2008 prior to their expiry in November 2018.

Key proposed changes include:

  • Setting additional experience requirements for practitioners prior to being eligible for licensing to reduce the rate of defective work;
  • Establishing two new classes of plumbing work, including a new specialised class of work for the maintenance of thermostatic mixing valves and a new class for the installation of basic refrigerated air-conditioning systems;
  • Reclassifying classes of plumbing work, such as refrigerated air-conditioning and Type B gasfitting work, to better reflect training pathways; and
  • Prescribing several new standards and technical requirements

To assist practitioners in understanding the proposed changes in the draft Regulations, the Victorian Building Authority has developed a series of explanatory videos, available below.

The public consultation period has now closed. The Victorian Government will now review all submissions received and take this feedback into consideration when finalising the Plumbing Regulations 2018.

To view the draft Regulations and the RIS, visit the Engage Victoria website.

For more information about the Plumbing Regulations Sunset Review, please: