Plumbing Regulations 2018 – Regulatory Impact Statement

The Victorian Government has released the Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) for the State’s proposed Plumbing Regulations 2018. The RIS is available on the Engage Victoria website.

To ensure Victoria continues to have effective plumbing regulations, the Victorian Government has undertaken a review of the Plumbing Regulations 2008 prior to their expiry in November 2018.

Key proposed changes include:

  • Setting additional experience requirements for practitioners prior to being eligible for licensing to reduce the rate of defective work;
  • Establishing two new classes of plumbing work, including a new specialised class of work for the maintenance of thermostatic mixing valves and a new class for the installation of basic refrigerated air-conditioning systems;
  • Reclassifying classes of plumbing work, such as refrigerated air-conditioning and Type B gasfitting work, to better reflect training pathways; and
  • Prescribing several new standards and technical requirements

To assist practitioners in understanding the proposed changes in the draft Regulations, the Victorian Building Authority has developed a series of explanatory videos, available below.

The public consultation period has now closed. The Victorian Government will now review all submissions received and take this feedback into consideration when finalising the Plumbing Regulations 2018.

To view the draft Regulations and the RIS, visit the Engage Victoria website.

For more information about the Plumbing Regulations Sunset Review, please: