How do I renew my plumbing registration or licence?

To renew your registration or licence in a class or specialised class of plumbing work in Victoria, you need to complete a renewal notice, which the VBA will send by mail. Remember to let the VBA know as soon as possible if your mailing address changes.

Alternatively, you can renew online through eToolbox.

If you are renewing your licence, you also need to submit a certificate of currency for your insurance cover.

Once we receive your renewal application, we may ask you one or more of the following:

  • for more information
  • to attend an examination
  • to attend an interview.

We will send our request by letter or email.

Registered plumbers must renew their registration every three years, and licensed plumbers must renew their licence every year, if they intend to continue doing plumbing work.

If you don't renew your registration or licence before it expires, you will be deemed to be unregistered or unlicensed from the expiry date. Plumbers with an expired licence cannot purchase a compliance certificate.


If you have questions about your renewal request, look for more information at Find answers to common questions.