What happens after I apply for plumbing registration?

7. What happens after you apply

Once you apply for registration in a class (or specialised class) of plumbing work in Victoria, the VBA will assess whether you are eligible for registration.

The VBA's assessment process is comprehensive and rigorous. We assess your Plumbing Registration Application in the following stages:

  1. We check you have submitted all the necessary information with your application.
  2. We check the accuracy of your submitted information and we work out whether you are likely to meet the minimum knowledge and experience requirements to progress to the next stage.
  3. We review your application and documents in depth, and may interview you.
  4. We make a decision on your application.

Depending on your qualifications, skill and work experience, we may ask for different information for our assessment. We may ask you one or more of the following:

  • for more information
  • to attend an interview
  • to attend an examination

We will send our request by letter or email.

If we accept your application

We will send you an acceptance letter to explain what happens next.

If we do not accept your application for registration

We will send you a letter to explain if any information is missing and that you may resubmit the application. In this case, please re-send us (1) your Plumbing Registration Application Form, (2) all the required supporting documents and (3) the application fee:

  • If we accept your resubmitted application, we will send you an acceptance letter to explain what happens next


  • If we still do not accept your application, we will let you know by letter.

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