Building registration renewal

In this section, you will learn about the requirements to keep your registration current, revoke a suspension after three years or formally exit the building industry.

Annual fee and insurance check

Every 12 months, all registered building practitioners in Victoria must pay an annual fee and provide proof of the required insurance in order to continue carrying out building work. For more information, visit the Annual fee and insurance check webpage.

Five year registration renewal

Changes to the Building Act, which came into effect in 2016, introduced a five year registration period for registered building practitioners. This means all practitioners will be required to renew their registration every five years. For more information, visit the Five-year registration renewal webpage.

Revocation of suspension after three years

If your registration has been suspended for more than three years, you must apply to the VBA to revoke the suspension. For more information, visit the Revocation of suspension webpage.

Surrender of building registration

A building practitioner may decide to formally exit the building industry for a range of reasons, including retirement, ill health or change in profession. For more information, visit the Surrender of building registration webpage.