Revocation of suspension after three years

If your registration has been suspended for more than three years, you must apply to the VBA to revoke the suspension.

Before the VBA can revoke a suspension of registration, it must be satisfied that:

  • You have paid the appropriate annual registration fee
  • You are covered by the required insurance or are eligible to purchase domestic building insurance (until the next anniversary date of your registration)
  • You are of good character
  • You have a satisfactory reason for the extended period of suspension.

To apply to revoke your suspension, please complete both the Revocation of Suspension of Building Practitioner Registration Application Form and the National Police Checking Service Informed Consent Form and return them to the VBA.

Save and complete both forms on your computer (do not handwrite; it will take longer to process).

Note: A separate application form must be used for each suspension of registration you are seeking to be revoked.