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Building Appeals Board

The Building Appeals Board (BAB) makes decisions about matters relating to the Building Regulations, the Building Code of Australia and sections of the Building Act 1993, in accordance with the relevant law. We act in the public interest, taking into account building safety, amenity, sustainability and the ongoing efficiency of the construction industry.

The BAB’s authority includes:

  • appeals and disputes under Part 10 the Building Act
  • modifications to regulations that should not apply to a building or land, or apply with a variation
  • modifications to building regulations relating to access for persons with disabilities
  • the assessment of a particular design or an element of a building complying with the Building Act

The BAB hears appeals, disputes and requests for modifications on a weekly basis, usually sitting in panels of three members. Panels are made up of professionals from across the building industry, chosen based on the nature of the matter and the expertise required.

The BAB may also conduct site inspections.

A written determination with reasons is issued to all relevant parties once the Board has made its decision.

The Board’s determinations are final and must be put into effect by all parties. They can only be appealed at the Supreme Court on a point of law.

The full Board also meets every six weeks for the purpose of sharing information and discussing relevant developments in the industry.

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Reports from the Board’s Chair

The BAB publishes reports summarising the functions and achievements of the Board in each financial year.

Information about BAB activities prior to the 2019–20 financial year can be found in the VBA’s annual reports.