Building Practitioners Board

From 1 September 2016, the Building Practitioners Board ceased to exist, except for finalising referred matters. The Board's functions, powers and responsibilities have now been transferred to the Victorian Building Authority (VBA).

The VBA is responsible for:

Existing matters

  • Registrations: The VBA will determine all applications for registration from 1 September 2016. Any applications received, but not determined by the BPB by 31 August 2016, will be decided by the VBA.
  • Disciplinary action: If the BPB issued a notice of inquiry on or before 31 August 2016, the inquiry will continue under the law in place before 1 September 2016, and will be decided by the BPB.
  • Owner-builder certificates of consent: Any applications deemed to be made before 1 September 2016 will be determined under the law in effect up to 31 August 2016.

For more information, read the Abolition of the Building Practitioners Board fact sheet (PDF, 608.73 KB).

If you need to contact the BPB in relation to an existing matter, please contact the VBA.