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An Australian Technical Evaluation Network (ATEN) to improve product information and building safety

What we did and why

We supported Swinburne University’s scoping study to establish an Australian Technical Evaluation Network (ATEN). The purpose of the scoping study was to find a way to better evaluate building products by providing independent and verifiable technical information about them. At the time of the scoping study, there was no coordinated national approach to make sure correct and safe building products are used in construction.

What we found

The ATEN report (October 2019) proposes an alternative model for the evaluation of building and construction products using a network of selected construction experts and testing facilities. ATEN presents a different and coordinated way to promote the use of appropriate and safe building products in construction.

What difference this made

ATEN’s proposed model has many common features with the European model which has operated successfully in Europe and elsewhere for many years. This model would bring Australia into line with international best practice with minimal risk. This model would also boost safety and public confidence in the construction industry.

Insights from the model are being considered by national and state governments.

We have used the findings in this report to promote consistent building product evaluation in our conversations on national and state regulatory frameworks and the Building System Review.