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Building 4.0 CRC – digital transformation of the building industry (in progress)

What we did and why

The VBA is participating in the seven-year Building 4.0 Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), an industry-led research initiative co-funded by the Australian Government.

Building 4.0 CRC commenced in 2020-21 and aims to address long-standing systemic problems in the construction industry including stagnating productivity, limited digitisation or adoption of advances in manufacturing technology, and poor knowledge transfer. The VBA is supporting the CRC as its program streams (sectoral, digital and building transformation streams) are aligned to our research focus and will help drive digital adoption and systemisation of the industry.

What we have achieved so far

By participating in Building 4.0 CRC, the VBA is working closely with industry and research leaders who have advanced digital and technological expertise.

To date, the VBA has worked closely with Building 4.0 researchers, industry and other partners to develop two projects of mutual benefit that focus on accelerating adoption of digital and new technologies, increasing the digital competencies of practitioners and automation of building processes:

ePlanning and eApprovals – Scoping Study (in progress)

This project examines how to integrate existing planning, regulation and policy into new digital building platforms to facilitate digital automatic workflows for checking and compliance testing through the submission of a digital twin, substantially accelerating the time taken to gain pre-construction approvals and improving quality assurance. It will deliver a review of existing initiatives and technologies, and a roadmap for implementation including education and training to encourage industry uptake.

This project is due for completion in late 2021.

Automated tracking of construction materials for improved supply chain logistics and provenance – Scoping Study (in progress)

This project examines emerging tracking technologies (sensors, visual tracking, information systems, data collection) for building-industry appropriateness, with the aim of implementing automated and secure material and assembly tracking for material provenance and compliance. It will deliver a review of the state-of-the art industry technologies and case studies for material provenance and supply chain efficiency, and a scalable roadmap for implementation of sensor tracking including data integration with digital twin to achieve improved quality assurance and regulatory compliance.

This project is due for completion in 2022.