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Monitoring and remediation solutions for combustible cladding on buildings (in progress)

What we did and why

The Statewide Cladding Audit continues to identify residential and public-use buildings with combustible cladding. The Government’s Cladding Rectification Program aims to reduce the risks of combustible cladding on residential apartments and public buildings. Cladding Safety Victoria (CSV) works with owners and owners corporations to help them rectify noncompliant combustible cladding. CSV also funds rectification works on buildings found to have high-risk cladding to ensure that they are safe to occupy over the long term.

We are looking for other solutions to make these buildings safe that may be less costly yet safe for use in these buildings, either while waiting for rectification, or as a longer-term solution.

The VBA currently supports two Cooperative Research Centre Projects that are exploring potential monitoring and remediation solutions for combustible cladding on buildings.

What we have achieved so far

Our involvement in these projects is an opportunity to help improve public safety by finding cost-effective solutions to reduce fire safety risks or help fix the combustible cladding problem.

We are collaborating with leading researchers and industry experts in the field and sharing our regulatory expertise in the development of potential solutions. Two potential solutions are an autonomous monitoring and detection system and a fire-retardant membrane that can be applied to combustible cladding.

We are also making sure there is rigorous testing of potential solutions so that we know if these solutions are fit for purpose and will improve building safety.