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VBA reports

PIP quarterly reports

The VBA’s Proactive Inspections Program helps ensure the safety of Victoria’s construction industry.

We have a team of expert building and plumbing inspectors that typically look at more than 1,000 sites each month. This work means we can identify potential faults earlier, when they are easier to fix, and that the burden of fixing them sits with the builder rather than the owner.

PIP also provides a level playing field for all builders and plumbers who produce high-quality work.

It’s all part of our goal to empower and educate both practitioners and consumers, supporting a robust and high-quality construction sector.

You can learn more about this program, and the issues most commonly found, in our latest quarterly report.

View the Quarterly Reports.

Compliance & Enforcement reports

The biannual Compliance & Enforcement Report gives industry, practitioners and the community an insight into the VBA's compliance and enforcement activities.

Building Surveyor Audit Program reports

The Building Surveyor Audit Program (BSAP) is a regulatory initiative that seeks to identify and reduce non-compliant building work in Victoria. The program involves the desktop review of building permit and occupancy permit documentation to ensure registered building surveyors are carrying out their functions correctly.

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) publishes reports describing its regulatory activities undertaken and the impacts achieved, which contribute towards the VBA being recognised as a trusted and effective regulator of the building and plumbing industries.