Building product accreditation

A certificate of building product accreditation is proof that a product meets the performance requirements of the Building Regulations 2018 (the Regulations) or the Building Code of Australia (BCA). Once a product is accredited, there is no need to prove its suitability each time building work requires a building permit. It is mandatory for a building surveyor to accept the product, method, design, component or system if the use complies with the accreditation.

How does the accreditation system work?

The product designer applies to the Building Regulations and Advisory Committee (BRAC) to assess the application.

This assessment will include whether or not a building product appraisal is required.

If the BRAC is satisfied that the product meets the performance requirements of the Regulations or BCA and is suitable for accreditation, then a Certificate of Accreditation is issued.

Victorian Accreditation or National Certification?

The Victorian accreditation system operates alongside the national product certification system, Codemark, managed by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB).

For products to be used only in Victoria or when the initial marketing strategy is limited to Victoria, then State accreditation may be appropriate.

If the product is to be used in a number of States, then national certification may be more suitable. Details of the national certification system can be obtained from:

Australian Building Codes Board
GPO Box 9839
Canberra ACT 2601
Phone: 1300 134 631

How does the Victorian Accreditation System operate?

The BRAC will consider applications for the accreditation of any building product, including a particular construction method, design component or system connected with building work.

As the prime intent of accreditation is to encourage innovative products and ideas, the Victorian accreditation process does not apply to building products that comply with the deemed-to-satisfy provisions of the BCA.

The BRAC meets on a monthly basis and decides on an accreditation application after assessing all relevant test reports, appraisals or opinions submitted with the application.

Lodging an application

Applicants should consult with the Accreditation Officer of the BRAC to evaluate a product's suitability for accreditation. Consultation at an early stage of the process will identify which accreditation system is most suitable and if accreditation is deemed to be appropriate. Once the initial consultation has taken place and both parties are in agreement that Victorian accreditation is suitable, a written application with supporting documentation should be made to the BRAC.

The supporting documentation submitted needs to identify the building product material, the method of construction and design of the components for the work. Evidence that the product is fit for the purpose for which it is intended is also required.

  1. Refer to the BRAC's Product Accreditation Information Sheet for the mandatory documentation that must be submitted with the application
  2. Fill in the BRAC's Product Accreditation Application Form
  3. Fill in the Payment Authorisation Form
  4. Submit the application with the relevant fee and supporting documentation via one of the methods below:


    Building Regulations Advisory Committee
    GPO Box 536

    Lodge in person:
    Technical and Regulation (Building)
    Victorian Building Authority
    Goods Shed North
    733 Bourke Street

What happens once the application is submitted?

The applicant will be notified when the application is to be considered by the BRAC. After the BRAC has considered the initial information there may be requests for further test reports, appraisals or opinions to be supplied. In these circumstances, the applicant will be advised of what further information is required.

All of the above reports, appraisals or opinions are required to be arranged and paid for by the applicant.

All information contained in any application is treated by the BRAC as strictly confidential.