Single Site Transfers

If your transfer relates to a single site, please follow the process below.

To transfer building surveyor functions, the transferring building surveyor must:

  1. Gain consent to the transfer from both the new building surveyor and the person who appointed the original building surveyor.
  2. Complete the Authority to Transfer Form (Applicable for Single Site Transfers only) and provide it to the new building surveyor.

The new building surveyor must:

  1. Complete their section of the Authority to Transfer Form.
  2. Log on to BAMS and select ‘Transfer of Function’.
  3. Select the Transfer of Function button.
  4. Complete the online form and upload the completed Authority to Transfer Form.

BAMS – Transfer of Functions sequence

If various open building permits will be transferred to different building surveyors, a separate Authority to Transfer Form will need to be completed for each new building surveyor receiving the functions transferred.

Transfer of Functions form.

  1. Select ‘Next’ and a case will be created and assigned to a VBA staff member.

Successful submission of the Transfer of Functions form.

The transfer of building surveyor functions takes effect on the latest of:

  • the date a copy of the Transfer Form is given to the VBA; or
  • the date a copy of the Transfer Form is given to the relevant Council; or
  • the date specified in the Transfer Form on which the transfer is to take effect.