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Start your building company registration application

The VBA is introducing eForms to create a more user-friendly and straightforward experience for people applying for company registration with the VBA.

The application for company registration is the first of the suite of eform applications to be implemented. Each director of the company must complete a police check as part of the application. For more information, see National police check.

Before you start your online application

To help you complete your application easily, please have the following documents ready before starting your application:

  • your Australian Company Number (ACN)
  • proof of identification for each director completing the police check – see a list of ID requirements
  • proof of insurance (e.g. a certificate of currency) – find out about insurance requirements
  • your current email address
  • email addresses for all directors of the company – each director will be emailed a Director’s Declaration to complete
  • credit card for the payment of fees.

Note: It is important that the email addresses provided are correct, current and easy to access.

How to apply

After you click on the ‘Apply here’ button below, you will be prompted to enter your name and email address. Shortly after, an email will be sent to the nominated email address to explain the next step to take in your application.

Be sure to keep this email as it contains an access code which will allow you to login and commence your application.

Your application will be autosaved throughout the process.

You will have 20 working days to complete your application. Each director must also complete their declaration within this 20 days, otherwise the application process will need to start again from the beginning.

Upon completion, the application will then return you for finalisation.

After you have completed your application

After you have completed your online application form, a copy of your company registration application and a receipt of payment will be emailed to you.

Once assessed, the VBA will notify you of the outcome of your application via letter and email.