Advice for buying an apartment

If you're thinking of buying an apartment, it's important to check whether it has combustible cladding.

Follow our recommended steps as part of your research and download our printable fact sheet (PDF, 586.32 KB).

  1. Thoroughly read the seller’s Section 32 statement and review information about the owners corporation to check for any information that may be available about combustible cladding.
  2. Ask the owners' corporation or building manager if any emergency orders or building notices have been issued and if they have been complied with.
  3. Ask the owners' corporation or building manager if they know if aluminium composite panels (PDF, 875.73 KB) or expanded polystyrene (PDF, 795.82 KB) are used on the building.
  4. Contact your local council's building department or Municipal Building Surveyor and ask if they are aware of any cladding related issues with the building.
  5. Ask the owners' corporation if the insurer has made any enquiries about the building and what the result of those enquiries were.
  6. Engage a registered building surveyor to review the apartment, and the exterior cladding on the building prior to purchasing. You can find registered building surveyors via the Find a practitioner tool.
  7. Review previous owners' corporation minutes from Annual General Meetings. You may wish to ask for minutes from multiple years to give you a better understanding of the building's history.
  8. Read our fact sheets on aluminium composite panels (PDF, 875.73 KB) and expanded polystyrene (PDF, 795.82 KB) to better understand these products.
  9. Ask the owners corporation about the essential safety measures (fire hydrants, fire doors, smoke alarms, sprinklers) in the building and how well they are maintained. Ask for evidence of their maintenance.
  10. For more information about owners' corporation certificates and Section 32 statements, visit