Inspections during coronavirus (COVID-19)

Combustible cladding inspections continue

On Friday 27 March, after several weeks of discussions, the Statewide Cladding Audit (SCA) resumed inspections for combustible cladding and essential safety measures (ESMs) with modifications in line with government advice regarding social distancing. Our scheduling team will continue to contact Owners Corporation Managers to arrange inspection times.

We take the health and safety of building residents and the broader public very seriously. Our key objective is ensuring public and community safety, and our combustible cladding and ESM inspections are a significant component of that objective.

For residents and owners of buildings that will be scheduled for inspection in the near future, we appreciate your cooperation in allowing us to visit and inspect your homes to assess the fire safety risk of buildings across the state.

We acknowledge that in response to the risks posed by coronavirus (COVID-19), we have all had to make major changes to our lives; most critically our movements regarding social distancing recommendations from the government. At the VBA, we too have had to fundamentally change the way we undertake our work to minimise risks to residents, our inspectors and other staff.

These changes include:

  • Inspectors will be wearing appropriate safety protections including protective suits, masks, safety glasses and gloves to inspections, and have been briefed on limiting cross-contamination between locations.
  • Inspectors will be strictly following government directives concerning physical distancing including staying more than 1.5m away from other people and allowing only one inspector into sole-occupancy units at a time where possible.
  • The SCA will continue to closely monitor Department of Health and Human Services advice on when employees should stay home from work and when they need to self-isolate, and not allow inspectors showing any symptoms to continue to work in the field.
  • The SCA and inspectors have devised faster methods of inspection that do not compromise the quality of the assessment to reduce the amount of time spent on properties, including not requiring access to sole-occupancy units where possible.

See Coronavirus (COVID-19) Inspection FAQs (PDF, 590.79 KB) for answers to questions that residents and owners will have about upcoming inspections.

If your building has been scheduled for an inspection and you wish to learn more, we recommend you contact your Owners Corporation and request further details.