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Cladding Safety Victoria

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Cladding Safety Victoria has been established by the Victorian Government to provide support and guidance to building owners and occupants of buildings with combustible cladding, particularly where rectification work is required to reduce risks to an acceptable level.

A statewide audit carried out by the VBA has identified hundreds of buildings with some degree of combustible cladding. Each building is unique, which is why Cladding Safety Victoria will work with the owners on the appropriate solution for that building. The scale of the task means that this work in total is expected to take at least five years.

Cladding Safety Victoria will provide advice on how to reduce fire risk, help owners to find qualified project managers and other professionals and, in higher risk situations, provide funding for approved works. This could include funding for:

  • project management support
  • professional design services
  • building surveying
  • permits and approvals
  • building materials and rectification works.

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