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Acquittal Guidelines for Councils

The Acquittal Guides have superseded previous Council Guides that were provided by the VBA. The Enforcement Guide is complimentary to the Acquittal Guides. Please note that these guides are used by the VBA and councils may have their own guidelines and policies which may differ to these.

Enforcement Guide (PDF, 800.6 KB)
High and Extreme Acquittal Guide (PDF, 731.27 KB)
Moderate Acquittal Guide (PDF, 580.8 KB)
Low Acquittal Guide  (PDF, 501.1 KB)

Building notices and orders

Learn about the different notices and orders issued in the Victorian Statewide Cladding Audit.

Essential safety measures

Essential Safety Measures (ESMs) are specific safety features in a building which are designed to protect occupants in the event of a fire. They commonly include fire detection and alarm systems, fire doors, emergency lighting and fire hydrants.

Find out about more about ESMs and their maintenance and compliance requirements by reading our fact sheets below.

Translated versions

Fire safety

Residents, occupants, owners corporations and building managers of multi-storey buildings should use the below fire safety resources as a guide to help reduce the risk of fire.

Combustible cladding

Learn about combustible cladding by reading the fact sheets below.

Cladding rectification agreements

Learn about Cladding rectification agreements

Case studies

Read our case studies to find out about potential scenarios for fixing the cladding on a building.

Practitioner resources

Guidelines restricting the use of ACP and EPS cladding

The Minister for Planning announced a prohibition (PDF, 485.37 KB) on the use of the external wall cladding products ACP and EPS for any building work in connection with buildings of Type A and Type B construction, effective 1 February 2021.