Compliance certificates

A compliance certificate is issued by a licensed plumber to certify the work they do complies with the relevant plumbing standards, codes and regulations.

A licensed plumber is required to lodge the compliance certificate with the VBA.

What does a compliance certificate look like?

The VBA conducts an audit program to ensure that plumbing work is being completed to an appropriate standard.

In Victoria, compliance certificates must be issued upon completion of the following:

  • any plumbing work that has a total value of $750 or more, including labour, materials, appliances, and/or fixtures, regardless of who they were purchased by
  • all work carried out on below ground sanitary drains
  • all work involving the installation, relocation, replacement or conversion of any gas-using appliance
  • all work involving the installation, modification or relocation of consumer gas piping
  • all work involving the construction, installation, relocation, alteration or replacement of cooling towers.

Your plumber must provide you with a signed compliance certificate within five days of the plumbing work being completed. Your plumber must also lodge details of the compliance certificate with the VBA within that timeframe.

Failing to issue or lodge a compliance certificate within this timeframe is a serious offence. It can result in a costly infringement penalty (for each offence) or a referral to a disciplinary inquiry which can lead to a suspension or cancellation of the plumber's licence.

You should keep a copy of the compliance certificate, as it is an important record that helps protect you against faulty workmanship.

Remember, only a licensed plumber may issue a compliance certificate.

You can check that a compliance certificate issued to you has been formally lodged with the VBA.

If you find that your compliance certificate has not been lodged, or that the lodged details differ from the compliance certificate that was issued to you, please contact the VBA or raise a complaint through your VBA360 account.