Flood information

As recent years throughout rural and regional Victoria attest, the effects of flooding are wide ranging and often severe. If your home is ever flooded please consider the following precautions:

  • Do not attempt to re-enter the house or undertake repairs until floodwaters have receded to a safe level and authorities permit access to the area
  • Before entering any building, evaluation of safety aspects must be made by the relevant authorities including; structural integrity, electricity (remembering that even where power has been turned off by the authorities, solar power systems may still be active in individual homes), gas safety, water, sewerage services
  • If flood waters have reached the ceiling level of your house or the ceiling has become damp due to capillary action of absorption water from the plaster on the walls - do not enter the house as the ceiling may collapse.
  • Some building materials in older properties may contain asbestos - if unsure, expert advice should be obtained.
  • When carrying out flood repairs to a building make sure the building has completely dried out and that the ground surrounding the building is also completely dry. Repairs made before the house has dried may fail.
  • For insurance purposes, it is suggested to take photographs before and during the cleanup process.

Should rectification involve any building works, please ensure that the relevant regulatory requirements are observed (including requirements for building or planning permits and the need for contractors engaged to do work have the necessary registrations or licenses).

The following resources provide useful information for both practitioners and home owners who have been affected by flooding.

General flood information

More health, consumer and business-related flood information can be found on the following websites.

  • Department of Health – information on flood related health issues.
  • Consumer Affairs Victoria – information on business recovery, flood-damaged products, buying and selling flood affected property and consumer issues including insurance and scams.