White Card / Construction Induction Training

5. White Card / Construction Induction Training

What are my obligations if my premises becomes a workplace?

Applicants whose domestic premises will become a ‘workplace’ for the purposes of Occupational Health and Safety legislation, will be required to provide evidence of having completed 'Construction Induction Training' in order to demonstrate the requisite knowledge in respect of site and worker safety.

Construction Induction Training must be undertaken and must be offered by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). For a list of recognised RTOs who can offer this training in Victoria, visit Worksafe Victoria.

To be able to apply for an owner-builder certificate of consent from the VBA, an applicant will be required to submit evidence, a copy of both sides, of their current Construction Induction card, within the meaning of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2007 (Vic), also referred to as a WorkSafe Victoria white card. The VBA will accept a current Construction Induction card issued by an equivalent Worksafe counterpart.

The VBA will not accept any statement of attainment as evidence of having completed Construction Induction training.

The VBA will not accept a Victorian Red Card.

If your premises becomes a workplace, under Victorian occupational health and safety laws, you will also need to ensure that anyone you have employed to perform construction work is provided with a site induction before they start work.

The aim of a site induction is to make sure that workers are familiar with OH&S rules and procedures, for example emergency procedures, the arrangements for supervision of work, and any issues specific to the site.

A checklist to help you conduct the site induction is available from WorkSafe Victoria.