Replacing roofing on houses

Strong wind can exert several tons of force onto the roof of a house, so it's essential to take this into consideration when designing and constructing replacement roofing.

Two videos are now available to provide builders and homeowners with guidance on replacing roofing on houses so that they perform well under various wind conditions.

The videos were developed by the James Cook University Cyclone Testing Station, with support from the VBA. Available on YouTube, the videos explain:

  • wind pressures as they apply to roof structures
  • considerations when replacing roof covering with a different material or roofing type
  • fixing requirements for roof cladding
  • the importance of tie-downs for the roof frame, walls and flooring
  • obtaining the right technical advice and design from an appropriately qualified and registered practitioner
  • possible requirements for a building permit.

View the video for builders
View the video for homeowners