Complaints about the VBA should be emailed to, not lodged through the portal.

Complaints from government agencies, including councils, should be emailed to, not lodged through the portal.  Please attention your email to the Manager of Complaints and Scheduling Services.

Matters the VBA cannot assist with

There are a number of matters which are outside the jurisdiction of the VBA. Who you contact will depend on the nature of the complaint and the outcome that you are seeking.

Click on one of the categories below for information on where to direct your complaint.

CompensationContractual DisputesRectification of Defective Building Work
Boundaries (Fences, Encroachment) Criminal Matters (Fraud, Violence, Trespass) Environmental Matters (Noise, Pollution, Debris)Insurance MattersMatters currently at VCATMatters currently at DBDRV Planning Matters Worksite Safety and Asbestos

Matters the VBA can assist with

The VBA investigates breaches and offences of building legislation, primarily the Building Act 1993 and the Building Regulations 2018. The conduct of registered or licensed building and plumbing practitioners is a primary focus of the VBA.

The VBA will have regard to the severity of a breach or offence, the complaint circumstances and building practitioner's response, as well as the history of a building practitioner when making a decision. Any decision made is entirely at the discretion of the VBA.

The VBA is unable to give timeframes to complainants, as this will depend on the information that needs to be gathered. Sources of information include Council, the Relevant Building Surveyor, the subject(s) of the complaint and other parties.

If a complaint requires a full technical assessment, and potentially a site visit, the timeframes can be extended significantly, as the matter must be referred to an appropriate technical expert. As the VBA is the regulator of the building and plumbing industries, it relies on available evidence to inform its decisions.