Practitioner Sanction Register

The Practitioner Sanction Register (Register) records disciplinary sanctions made against registered building practitioners in Victoria. There are two parts to the Register. This reflects that, since 2016, registered building practitioners may have had a disciplinary sanction imposed against them under two different types of disciplinary proceeding.

Those two types of disciplinary proceeding are:

  • a show cause process conducted by the VBA after 1 September 2016 (Show Cause Process); and
  • an inquiry conducted by the Building Practitioners Board (BPB), where the BPB issued a notice of inquiry to the practitioner (or the matter was otherwise commenced) prior to 1 September 2016 (Inquiry Process).

Disciplinary sanctions imposed against registered building practitioners after finalisation of a Show Cause Process and/or an Inquiry Process remain on the Register for five years after they are imposed or cease to have effect, whichever is the later.

The Register lists:

  • the names and registration numbers of registered building practitioners who have been found:
    • to have contravened the Building Act, the Regulations and/or the Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995; or
    • no longer fit to practise as a registered building practitioner,
    after a show cause process or an inquiry has been conducted;
  • the disciplinary sanctions (for example: fines, reprimands or periods of suspension of their registration under the Building Act) imposed against those registered building practitioners; and
  • the suburb or town where the conduct of the registered building practitioners on the Register occurred.

The first part of the Register relates to findings made, and disciplinary sanctions imposed, against registered building practitioners under the Show Cause Process.

The second part of the Register relates to findings made, and disciplinary sanctions imposed, against registered building practitioners under the Inquiry Process.

Where a practitioner has been the subject of more than one disciplinary proceeding, they will appear on more than one occasion in the Register, and may appear in the first and/or second part of the Register.

The information in the Register is only made available to the public after the relevant periods for review or appeal of the relevant VBA and/or BPB decisions have expired, and after any reviews or appeals are finalised.

The Register does not show:

  • information about current inquiries or investigations; or
  • any other complaints made against the practitioner, such as cases involving disputes at VCAT or those reported to Consumer Affairs Victoria.

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What should I do if my building practitioner is on the Register?

You may wish to consider a range of factors when choosing a building practitioner, in addition to their disciplinary history. These may include:

  • personal recommendation;
  • price;
  • evidence of work quality;
  • professional status; and
  • your own judgement of their character.