Architects Regulations 2004 – sunset review

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure (DTPLI), in collaboration with the Architects Registration Board of Victoria, is commencing engagement with stakeholders as part of the review of the Architects Regulations 2004.

This is the first stage of the review process, which involves collecting and evaluating evidence about how the current regulations are working and what changes could be made to improve them. The review and remaking of the Architects Regulations will be completed by 20 May 2015, when the current regulations will expire.

This initial stage is an opportunity for the industry and consumers to contribute to ensuring Victoria has regulations that are efficient and effective in achieving the intent of the Architects Act 1991.

Further information about this request for comments can be found on the DTPLI website.

At the same time, DTPLI, with the support of the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), is engaged in a similar process involving the sun-setting of the Building Regulations 2006, which are due to expire in June 2016. The Plumbing Regulations 2008 will sunset in 2018.

Industry stakeholders and consumers will also have the opportunity for input to the review and revision of these regulations.

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