Building Permit Audit

Thursday, 25 September 2014

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) has released findings of its state-wide audit of building permit files, conducted to monitor building surveyors’ compliance with the Building Act 1993 and the Building Regulations 2006.

The VBA assessed 1000 building permit files at councils against a detailed checklist of items relating to legislated administrative and technical requirements. The audit specifically focused on material the relevant building surveyor (RBS) receives, considers, records and submits to council.

The permit files audited at council were largely compliant across all items tested; an average of eight per cent of items assessed in each file was found to be non-compliant with the legislative framework.

As a result of the audit, the VBA has issued several compliance actions, including encouraging building surveyors and those involved in the building permit process to improve their record management and documentation.

The VBA is committed to taking a leadership role in enacting and supporting improvements in the industry and is engaging directly with industry to communicate the audit’s results and share compliance actions.

The VBA is also working with the relevant building surveyors to ensure outstanding issues are fixed and consumers are protected. Any instances of serious non-compliance are being managed through the VBA’s compliance processes.

The findings from the audit provide the VBA with a basis for ongoing monitoring of the building permit system. The results will contribute to strengthening the VBA’s risk-based audit program by informing future audits, targeting identified risks and monitoring compliance of work undertaken by registered building practitioners.

For an overview of the key findings of this audit and the actions that will be taken, view the Building Permit Audit – Summary of findings and actions information sheet.

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