New regulations for farm buildings

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

New building regulations have been introduced that see changes made to the requirements for low occupancy farm buildings.

Building Amendment (Farm Buildings) Regulations 2014 introduces changes to the firefighting and emergency lighting provisions for low occupancy farm buildings. The provision of emergency lighting will not be mandated where farming operations are carried out under natural light, as may be the case with a greenhouse, or where a low occupancy building has a fuel-driven back-up generator.

If it can be demonstrated that portable fire extinguishers will be provided and there is an adequate supply of water for firefighters to use on site, then fire hydrants and hose reels will not be required.

The VBA has developed a new practice note to reflect these changes. Practice Note 2014-67 – Application of the Building Code of Australia to farm buildingsprovides guidance on determining the appropriate classification of a farm building and the exemptions and concessions to the Building Code of Australia that may be applied.

Practice Note 64 – Classification of buildings has also been updated.

For more information about the changes, refer to Building Amendment (Farm Buildings) Regulations 2014.

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