Ensure neighbours’ windows aren’t kept in the dark

Friday, 6 February 2015

When designing a new house or renovation, owners and building practitioners need to make sure the proposed building does not reduce the amount of daylight into habitable rooms of adjoining houses.

Consideration should be given to all existing buildings and structures when assessing whether the proposed building work will overshadow windows.

The Building Regulations 2006 (Regulation 416) outlines the minimum requirements for protecting daylight to habitable rooms of adjoining properties. A situation where reduced daylight to windows may occur is where a proposed wall or carport with a height of more than 3m will be built opposite a habitable room window in an adjoining house. In this case, the wall or carport must be set back to provide adequate daylight and solar access.

The figure below provides an example of how this can be achieved.

  Daylight to exisitng windows

For more information on protecting daylight to habitable rooms and how to apply the regulation, refer to Practice Note 2006-47.

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