Make sure you use sheet lead flashing correctly

Friday, 6 February 2015

Sheet lead is commonly used as a roof flashing material in modern home construction, but plumbing practitioners need to make sure it is installed and used correctly.

Sheet lead may be used as a flashing application where compatible with the roof coverings and on roof tiles (glazed or unglazed), plastic and glass coverings. However, where the roof is part of a drinking water catchment, sheet lead is not to be used due to its toxicity, unless it is pre-painted.

Sheet lead needs to be a minimum thickness of 1.7mm as per Table 8.1.1 of SAA HB39-1997 – Installation code for metal roofing and wall cladding.

Where roof tiles are to be flashed by apron lead, the lead is to be dressed to suit the contours and cleats of the tile and must have a minimum cover of 150mm.

For further information on lead flashings, please contact the Victorian Building Authority plumbing technical advice line on 1800 315 127.

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