Minimising foundation movement and damage to your house – information sheet

Friday, 14 August 2015

The VBA has released an information sheet to provide new homeowners with advice about what steps they can take to maintain their homes and contribute to the prevention of damage caused by movement of the foundations.
The information sheet 'Minimising foundation movement and damage to your house' has been designed for builders to give to the homeowners at the handover stage. It explains that taking some simple steps to look after your home can go a long way to minimising damage that can occur if the home's foundation moves.
The information sheet also covers:

  • the role of the builder, architect and draftsperson in making sure the home is designed and built to suit the soil conditions
  • how landscaping and planting trees can impact the house's foundations
  • how poor maintenance of the site or property can lead to building damage.

Building practitioners and consumers can access the information sheet from the Publications section of the VBA website.

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