New date for changes to recycled water inspections

Friday, 27 February 2015

Earlier this month the VBA advised that it will introduce changes to the recycled water installation inspection regime.  Plumbing practitioners should note that the implementation date for this change has been revised to 13 April 2015 as requested by the water authorities.

From 13 April 2015, the VBA will carry out inspections of recycled water installations at the commissioning stage (stage three) only.  Practitioners will need to continue to notify the VBA at each of the three stages, and this should be done by following the usual process to book an inspection for each stage of work via eToolbox. To reiterate,  the VBA will only inspect the work at stage three (commissioning) but each stage must be booked as per the current arrangements.

The Environment Protection Authority will release an amended version of the Guidelines for Environmental Management - Dual Pipe Water Recycling Schemes – Health and Environmental Risk Management by 1 March 2015, outlining the new regime effective from 13 April 2015.

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