Update on VBA’s audit of cladding on high-rise buildings

Monday, 22 June 2015

Earlier this month the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) commenced an audit of some 170 high-rise buildings in inner Melbourne and immediate surrounding suburbs to ascertain whether there has been potential non-compliant use of cladding.

The builders and building surveyors involved in these building projects were given 21 days to provide the VBA with evidence that the external cladding used complies with the National Construction Code. The deadline for providing this information to the VBA was Friday 19 June 2015. 

Due to the historical nature and volume of information requested, the VBA has received requests for extensions of time to provide the information required. These requests are being considered on a case-by-case basis.

The VBA has begun working through the large volume of documents and information provided as it assesses the responses received to date and is following up with builders and building surveyors who have not yet responded.

The documents builders and building surveyors are required to provide will be extensive and complex. It will take some time to work through this information to determine compliance. This task remains a priority for the VBA and it is important that the audit of each building is carried out thoroughly.

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