Update to Practice Note 2015-67 – Application of the BCA to farm buildings

Friday, 30 January 2015

Practice Note 67-2015 (Application of the Building Code of Australia to farm buildings)has been recently updated to include clarification on fire hydrant concessions.

To qualify for the fire hydrant concession, all farm buildings need to have their own static supply of water in compliance with regulations.

The current requirement to qualify for a fire hydrant concession is a water source of 144,000 litres per farm building.

Multiple buildings cannot share the one source of water unless that one source meets the requirements of the regulations. A water source for three farm buildings is permitted if it has three times the volume of water in litres (3 x 144,000L). The volume of 144,000 litres is only sufficient to protect one building. For further information on the application of the Building Code of Australia to Farm Buildings and fire hydrant concessions, read  Practice Note 67-2015

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