VBA active on cladding

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) is taking action on several fronts in relation to the non-compliant use of cladding following the Lacrosse building fire in Melbourne's Docklands last year. 

The actions include:

  • investigating the conduct of the building practitioners involved in the Lacrosse Building
  • contacting 20,000 practitioners requesting information about possible non-compliant use of cladding
  • use of VBA coercive powers to compel Lacrosse Apartment builder, LU Simon, to disclose any other buildings where they used Alucobest
  • commencing an audit of some 170 high rise buildings in inner Melbourne and immediate surrounding suburbs to ascertain whether there has been non-compliant use of cladding.

Even though the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) managed to safely evacuate all occupants of the Lacrosse building, as provided for under its legislation, the MFB has requested the Coroner investigate the incident.

The request does not bypass the VBA's ongoing investigation and audit and the VBA supports the MFB's referral to the Coroner to investigate whether the national and state regulatory frameworks ensure that risks are adequately addressed.

The VBA will continue to work together with the MFB on this issue and provide the building and plumbing industries with updates.

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