VBA levy audit – helpful hints for building surveyors

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The VBA has commenced its building permit levy audit program for 2015-16, which sees the VBA working with building surveyors and their staff to ensure their building permit reporting systems and processes are up to scratch.

Compliance and Performance Director Kate Despot said the VBA has an annual audit program to ensure building surveyors provide an accurate report of the building permits they have issued and forward the associated building permit levies to the VBA each month. 

"The purpose of the audit program is to confirm the good practices of building surveyors and identify and work with those that need to improve their processes and compliance," Ms Despot said.

"Most of the problems we see are a result of building surveyors having issues with their systems and processes, or just being unsure of their reporting requirements. In these cases we work with them to identify and resolve the issues. However, when we do discover instances of intentional wrong-doing we take appropriate action," Ms Despot said.

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