Bendigo building site inspection program - a Government first

Monday, 7 November 2016

Building offices, construction and demolition sites in the Bendigo area were the first to come under the scrutiny of a new multi-regulator approach to ensuring builders and trades people working in the construction sector are complying with the law.

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA), WorkSafe Victoria, Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV), Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) and Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) launched the Build Aware program on 17 October 2016. Build Aware aims to increase awareness among practitioners and consumers about the importance of being compliant with building, construction, environment, plumbing and OH&S laws and regulations.

Inspectors from all agencies targeted sites in the Bendigo area during the week commencing Monday 17 October. The agencies will visit other regional centres throughout the coming year and will work with building practitioners to provide lessons learned from the program.

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