Chief Commissioner of the VBA, Bill Kusznirczuk is retiring

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

The Chief Commissioner of the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), Bill Kusznirczuk, is retiring after a three year term as the inaugural Chair and Chief Commissioner of the VBA Board in order to take on other State Government Board positions.

In his time as Chair, Mr Kusznirczuk has overseen the most significant overhaul of Victoria's building industry regulation in decades.

Under the Chief Commissioner's leadership, the VBA has:

  • Appointed a new CEO, Prue Digby who subsequently recruited a new executive team;
  • Delivered its 2014-18 Corporate Plan, setting an ambitious plan for the VBA's immediate future;
  • Established robust arrangements to ensure effective Board oversight of all governance, strategic and operational issues;
  • Ensured prudent financial management was in place over the organisation's finances;
  • Increased engagement and presence with industry stakeholders and developed strong relationships with its key regulatory partners;
  • Refocussed the organisation on its consumer protection role and forged strong relationships with Consumer Affairs Victoria;
  • Led the nation in devising and delivering an audit of external wall cladding to address concerns about the non-compliant use of material;
  • Revised the organisation's regulatory approach which has included the implementation of a proactive inspection regime and an in-house plumbing audit function;
  • Improved core business processes such as licensing and registration and complaints handling and formulated plans to replace and refresh the VBA's business systems;
  • Developed and rolled out a new brand for the VBA which emphasises its role in building confidence in the industry which it regulates;
  • Continued the implementation of recommendations arising from the Auditor-General's reports of 2011 and 2015.

The Government has appointed Commissioner Brian Welch to be the interim Chief Commissioner of the VBA for a period of three months. A permanent appointment to the role of Chief Commissioner will be made in the coming months.

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