Cooperation broadens Regulator reach

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Victorian regulators, the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), WorkSafe and the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) are working more closely than ever to extend the reach of each other's inspection programs.

VBA, WorkSafe and EPA inspectors recently visited demolition sites across Melbourne that were nominated by Demolition Contractors Association of Victoria (DCAV), to begin a collaborative program to better regulate the demolition sector of the industry.

VBA Manager Inspection and Complaints Services, Wes Douglass, says that by sharing information, inspectors will be able to give their regulatory partners a heads-up that they may have spotted an issue of interest during a site visit.

"Each agency carries out hundreds of inspections a year. As we work more closely together, we gain a greater understanding of our individual issues. From that growing familiarity we will all be able to spot potential problems on behalf of other agencies, and then refer those issues to the relevant agency for their consideration and action".

"We are literally gaining many more eyes and ears on the ground. We therefore become more effective by working more closely as an extended team."

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