Friday, 21 October 2016

The VBA has commenced its investigation jointly with the City of Melbourne into the demolition of the Corkman Irish Pub to determine any breaches of the Building Act 1993 (the Building Act). As part of the management of the demolished site the VBA yesterday met with the City of Melbourne and other regulatory authorities – including WorkSafe and the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) – to ensure public safety.

The VBA is looking at a broad range of offences, notably potential breaches of s.16 of the Building Act, carrying out building work without a building permit issued and in force  (building work includes demolition work). Penalties for breaching s.16, along with the other potential breaches that VBA is investigating, each carry a maximum penalty of $388,650 for a corporation and $77,730 for an individual.  The VBA also has the power to de-register or suspend a registered practitioner in relation to breaches such as these.

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