Get to know your responsibilities as a Technical Referee

Friday, 26 February 2016

As part of the VBA's improved licensing and registration process, applicants must now provide a Technical Referee Report with their application for registration as a plumbing or building practitioner. The report asks for specific information about the applicant's work, when it was performed and the applicant's role in performing that work. This information helps the VBA and the BPB to assess applicants' suitability for registration.

As a licensed or registered plumbing or building practitioner, you may be asked to complete a Technical Referee Report for an employee (past or present). This is an important responsibility, so please consider it carefully.

For plumbing registration, there is a different Technical Referee Report for each plumbing class and two specialised classes. For building registration, there is a different Technical Referee Report for each class of Demolisher and each class and component of Domestic Builder. 

In the class of Domestic Builder (Limited), you may notice some changes in the titles for the components of domestic building work.  The updated title will appear on your building registration card when you next renew your registration. For more information about these changes visit the VBA website.

You are encouraged to familiarise yourself with the various Technical Referee Reports available on the VBA website.

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