Industry Update: Terminating a Building Surveyor

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The VBA is seeing an increase in the number of requests to Terminate the appointment of a Private Building Surveyor.

This has frequently occurred  as a result of more than one building surveyor is appointed for the same functions and same building work. This can come about by the owner, builder, draftsperson or architect appointing the private building surveyor, without knowledge of another appointment. Only the owner or someone authorised by the owner to act as their agent can appoint the private building surveyor.

Pursuant to Section 80 of the Building Act 1993 a private building surveyor must, within seven days of accepting an appointment under this Part, notify the relevant council in writing of the appointment and the building or building work in respect of which the private building surveyor is appointed.

How can private building surveyors assist in reducing the number of dual appointments?

Building surveyors should seek clarification from the owner or owners agent that an appointment has not been made to another building surveyor.

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