New building registration materials launched

Thursday, 31 March 2016

The VBA's improved licensing and registration program continues to rollout with new building registration materials recently launched and more to follow in the coming weeks.

A new practitioner guide and registration application form for the building category Erector or Supervisor (Temporary Structures) is now available on the VBA website.  The building categories of Draftsperson and Quantity Surveyor will be next, with registration materials due to be published in April. These materials follow a consistent style and approach to Domestic Builder and Demolisher, ensuring applicants clearly understand what they need to know and do for registration.

Since successfully launching the improved licensing and registration process in early February, the VBA has been actively monitoring feedback from applicants and industry stakeholders about the effectiveness of the new practitioner materials.  

Taking this feedback on board, the VBA has made minor modifications to the plumbing registration and licensing section of the VBA website. This includes simplified website navigation and a revised application form featuring clearer instructions and checklists. We will be making similar enhancements for the category of Domestic Builder and Demolisher in the coming months.

Applicants are reminded that all new registration application forms should be completed on a computer (in other words you can type directly into the PDF form).  Handwritten applications will take longer to process.

The improved licensing and registration program is designed to help applicants better understand what they need to know and do to become a registered plumbing or building practitioner in Victoria and reflects VBA's commitment to delivering best practice industry regulation.

We will provide regular updates about changes in the remaining building categories on the VBA website and in VBA Mail.

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