Plumbing Industry Update: Connection of prefabricated bathroom modules

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The emerging trend of prefabricated bathroom modules has taken off in Victoria as a large number of high rise buildings in the state are incorporating modular building design.

Plumbing practitioners are reminded that when a prefabricated bathroom module is installed, the method of connection to the sanitary drainage systems must be in accordance with AS/NZS 3500.2 Plumbing and drainage Part 2: Sanitary plumbing and drainage Clause 10.13 Methods of jointing of pipes.

Joints made between the bathroom module and the sanitary drainage system must be rendered airtight and shall be appropriate for the materials being joined. Joints between materials must be made using the joint types specified under AS/NZS 3500.2(specifically Table 10.13.1). For example, the correct jointing method for PVC-U to PVC-U is either solvent cement (glued), rubber ring or band clamped sleeve. Joints shall not be made using methods that are not included within AS/NZS 3500.2.

Practitioners are also reminded that prefabricated bathroom modules must be certified under the WaterMark product certification scheme to WMTS 5200.050 prior to their installation as required under the Plumbing Code of Australia.

For further information and advice please contact the plumbing technical advice line on 1300 815 127.

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